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Index of Names of Customers from Baker's Ledger
kept by Luke Watson,
1 January 1902 - 31 December 1903

Luke Watson was the baker at the bakehouse in
Church Street, from 1899 to 1914
To find out more about Luke's life, see article "The Old Bakehouse and its Bakers"

George Adkins

Thomas Adkins

Ben Archer

Rev Baines

William Barnes

George Bannerd

James Barford

John Barford

George Batchelor

Riley Bazley

John Blackwell

William Blackwell

? Branson

Rachel Branson

Charles Brown

George Brown

George Cadd

James Chapman

Mrs Cleaver

John Cockerill

George Cosbrook

Mrs Dickey/Didley (?)

Rev Cate

William Finch

James Flowers

George Franklin

Mrs Gibbons

George Green

Samual Hearn

Williain Hirons

William Holloway

Henry Howard

Joseph Humphrey

Thomas Humphrey

William Humphrey

Jona. Isham

John Jeffrey

Thomas King

Mrs Leadbetter

Charles Mander

William Merrison

Henry Middleton

William Middleton

Frederick Neal

John Payne

William Salmon

Daniel Secklington

Henry Seckington

Jesse Seckington

Mary Seckington

Richard Seckington

Daniel Southam

James Southam

John Southam

Charles Stockley

George Stockley

Arthur Taylor

William Thomason

Thomas Turnham

John Turvey

Henry Tyrill

George Watson

Edwin White

Daniel Wilkins

Frederick Winmill

Nathaniel Winmill

Dean Woodward

David Wrighton

Mrs Wrighton




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