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Helmdon Historical Documents

Helmdon Enclosure


This information was given to the Helmdon branch WEA by Dorothy Cernik. She was part of a group studying the history of the village, probably in the 1980s, and these were the notes that the group made.

Helmdon inclosure - from the Inrolled Awards - Book A.P 133 et seq. (Northampton Record Office).

Inrolled - Act 31 G II
Award - 30th May 1759
Inrolled - 15th July 1760

Inrolled by Timothy Rogers, Gent. Clerk of the Peace of Northamptonshire.

1. Persons, Officials involved in the Award

William Bradley, Lower Heyford - Clerk
Francis Burton, Aynho - Gent.
Thomas Baseley, Pryors Marston - Gent. (Warcs.)
Job. Baseley, Pryors Marston - Gent. (Warcs.)
John Deeley, Luanton - Gent. (Oxon.)
John Collis, Harpole. * (later replaced - see below).
James Collingridge, Brackley
Richard Lidington, Silverstone.
Qualitymen: (to assess yearly value per acre).
William Gibbins, Adstone (Northants).
John Watts, Sulgrave
John Hanwell, Mixbury - Gent.
* John Collis refused to serve, therefore a meeting of commissioners was held at which a new surveyor was appointed i.e. Henry Mayer.
This meeting was held at "The House of Timothy Bull being the sign of the George in Helmdon" on 17th June, 1758.

2. Time Table of Commissioners, etc. Work

1. 5th June, 1758: First meeting of the commissioners.
After notices were displayed at the Church, the meeting was held at the Parsonage House.
2. 1st August, 1758: Surveyors to present their survey before the Commissioners by this date.
3. 1st September, 1758: Qualitymen's report to be at the Commissioners by this time.
4. 12th November, 1758: Commissioners to divide and allot the land.
5. 30th May, 1759: Commissioners declare their Award.

3. State of Helmdon Agriculture in 1758

1. The Fields: East Field, North Field (otherwise Middle Field), South Field consisting of c. 70 Yardlands.
2. A Common Piece or Parcel of Pasture, known as Gateridge, plus other pieces of pasture.
Total Area c.1550 Acres

4. Ownerships

1. Provost and Fellows of Worcester College, Oxford.
Lord s of the Manor 8yd. lands.
2. President and Scholars of Corpus College, Oxford - who own the advowson and right of Presentation of the Rectory.
3. John Samwell, Clerk, Rector of Helmdon, gets Tithes and Ecclesiastical dues.
4. Edward Emily - Gent, Edward Harriott - Clerk, John Fairbrother, Richard Fairbrother, Richard Shortland, John Adkins, William Thomas, the Church Wardens and Overseers of the Poor of Sulgrave, the Vicar of All Saints, Northampton (Paul Agutter and Charles Stratford - Gent. Trustees for the time being of All Saints) - and divers other persons.

5. Reasons for Inclosure

1. The parcels of land owned by individuals, "Were most of them inconveniently situated with respect to their several houses…….."
2. "By reason thereof a sufficient quantity of Manure and Compost could not without great difficulty and expense by conveyed to the same, not infrequently trespasses and disputes among the several proprietors be prevented."

6. Conditions Governing the Commissioners' Award

1. People owning Cottage Common Rights are to be compensated in Award.
2. Provost and Fellows of Worcester College own Allithorne Wood, and they are to receive same in Award.
3. Rector's Allotment (J. Samwell)
(1) Compensation for Glebe to be as near as possible to the Parsonage House
(2) Several old messuages owed tithes to rector, but 'for several years past' they have paid £7 p.a. In the Award J Samwell is to get a piece of land worth £7 p.a.
(3) Rector to get £160 p.a. from 29th September, 1759, in lieu of tithes.
(4) Nothing mentioned above shall prejudice the Rector's right to tithes from certain ancient inclosures called Helmdon Stockings or Mores Stockings.
4. Commissioners must assign Roads and Paths. Roads are to be 40 foot between ditches.
5. The hedging and ditching of the new fields is to be done within 12 months of the Award.
6. Exchange of property between owners is allowed with the consent of the Commissioners.

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