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Helmdon Historical Documents

Names Of Furlongs From Helmdon Glebe Terrier 1705


(alternatives from 1723 in brackets)  


The East Field

Ast Furlong

Whitmore furlong

Broad halfeAcre furlong

Fox Hole furlong

Meade land furlong

Stirtes furlong

Northwell furlong

OverWaterfall furlong

South Beanehill furlong

Short Land furlong

Nomansland (Womanland) furlong

Long Land furlong

East Breach furlong

Hill furlong

The middle field

Long whitmore furlong

Short whitmore furlong

Gill counter syciter

(Gill Cuntrey Sisyter) furlong        


Swinesmore furlong

Dunstable furlong

West Breach furlong

Under wallworth furlong

Walworth furlong

Hauthorn (Hawthrough) furlong

Under Alithorne furlong

Steintwell (Stantwell) furlong

Ackman’s hill furlong

Gaterich Brooke Gateridge Brook



Cullsmead furlong (other way round

Mill furlong) 1723

(Broad more) furlong

Gorse (North Gorse furlong)

The South Field

South Gorse furlong

Coweslade (Twoeslade) furlong

Hassocks furlong

Stentnam (Stoutnam) furlong

Holmstowe (Halm-straw) furlong

Middle furlong

Brandmore furlong (Helmdon Hill & Waterfurrows)

Helmdon furlong

Helmdon Field furlong

Little Flatland (Little Fatland) furlong

Red Land furlong

Windmill Hill furlong

Under Redland furlong

Endfield furlong

Towne Fearnes Hill furlong (Town Fearnhill)

Long Hartwell furlong

Short Hartwell furlong


Two plots of Meadow Ground lying

under Astwell called the Tithe Hookes


Two yardland Dole meade in the

Townes Dole Meade

(Two yardland  and a half Common for

Horses Cows & Sheepe)

home > history resources > documents index > helmdon glebe terrier 1705
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