Helmdon Historical Documents

Copy Probate of Will of James Robert Stitchfield



Thatched House (handwritten)

No 207

16th April 1879 (probate date 2 November 1886)

I, The UNDERSIGNED JAMES ROBERT STUTCHFIELD of Sulgrave in the County of Northampton Gentleman wish the property after my decease to be disposed of in the following manner   I give all my books and plate (not being my wife’s plate) and the two  Mahogany tables and bedstead to my Niece Elizabeth Ann Elkington of Banbury in the County of Oxford Spinster  I give the residue of my furniture and effects about the house to my dear wife Susannah Stutchfield I give to my said Wife an annuity of Thirty pounds to be paid to her during her Widowhood and to be charged on my real estate at Sulgrave and as to the residue of the income to arise from my said real estate I wish the same to be accumulated by my Trustees until my said Wife shall marry or die and from and after her decease or marriage  I give the said accumulations to my Trustees and I also give all my other property to my Trustees upon trust to get in and invest and accumulate the same until my said Wife marry or die and from and after her marriage or death I direct my Trustees to pay the income thereof and also the income to arise from my said real estate at Sulgrave unto  such of the following persons as shall be living at the time of the marriage or death of my said Wife during their lives equally namely my Niece the said Elizabeth Ann Elkington and my Nephew Edwin Wrighton and I direct the share or shares of my said Niece or Nephew who shall die shall go to the survivor and from and after the decease of the survivor of my said Niece or Nephew I give all my property to their children to take per stirpes  I wish to be buried according to the instructions which I shall leave in writing.     I appoint my said Niece Elizabeth Ann Elkington and my Nephew Edwin Wrighton of Helmdon in the County of Northamptonshire Farmer EXEcUTORS AND TRUSTEES of this my Will      I direct my Trustees to allow my said Wife to live in the house in which I now reside for the period of twelve calendar months from my decease I direct my Trustees to deal with (either by Lease or otherwise) my real property as they may think best.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this sixteenth day of April One thousand eight hundred and seventy nine


Witnesses: ARTHUR FAIRFAX AND H BRICKNELL Clerks to Messrs Pearse and Tayton, solicitors, Banbury

Testator died 20 July 1886  Gross value £25.0.0

(pencilled notes on Susannah Stuchfield.  Died 4 January 1894, and Edwin Wrighton, died 15 November 1897)


Sulgrave Manor has kindly given permission for the above document to be put on the Helmdon web site.


It was originally transcribed  by local historians from documents held by the Manor in their archive and then re-typed.







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