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Northamptonshire Historical Documents

Worcester College Oxford Documents



Record of Documents Held at Worcester College, Oxford

1636   Details of  manor of Helmdon from Gray to Brown

1638   Conveyance of Helmdon from More to Dale

1638   From Thomas Dale to John Grey – fiefment of Helmdon

1656   Indenture between Indenture between Thomas Tyte and John Brown

1657   John Brown mortgage to Thomas Boddingfield

1637   Mr Brown to Mr Boddingfield – mortgage

1657   Half yard and to J Brown to J Vermeer

1659   John Brown’s conveyance of the manor of Helmdon to Holcoroft and Rigby

1659   Brown to Dryden – mortgage

1659   Brown to Tyte

1660   Mortgage to Bride (?) from Brown

1661   ****Boddingfield and others assignment to Louther

1661   Mr Brown and ******* to Cath Adams   (H14)

1662   Brown to ********

1662  *******Manor of Helmdon

1663   Mr Brown sells to Mr Tyte of the copse or wood called Wis**on Hills

1671   John Brown, Thomas Tyte, Anthony Louther, William Hopcroft and Christopher Rigby rent of one peppercorn at feast of St Michael.

1671   Lauther, Tyte, Rigby – conveying for payment of £2000. Held of John Brown

1672   Will of Richard Louther servant to Thomas Tyte

1673   John Brown, Thomas Boddingfield of Hor****, Suffolk.  George Brown, John Brown – tenancy – occupation.  Signed by Louther.

1673   Indenture ; Anthony Lauther, John Louther, William Hopcroft, Thomas Tyte

1673   Indenture between Mr Tyte and John Rigby of Northamptonshire

1673   Anthony and John Louther draft for payment of Helmdon to Sir William Hopcroft

1673   Indenture between Hopcroft, Tyte, A & J Louther.  Thomas Tyte paying to Hopcroft to hold manor.  Tyte and Hopcroft’s heirs entitled to same.

1678   Articles of Agreement  of Thomas Tyte and John Bagshaw of Fullbrook on behalf of Elizabeth Brown.  If Elizabeth marries Tyte will pay back £250.  George Brown, father of Elizabeth

1678   Indenture between William Hartley of Stoney Stratford and John Brown.

1693   Indenture between John Leadbeater, Inner Temple, London, John Gore of Towcester giving Gore a third part.  William Clerke and Richard Stevens dare undertenants

1694   Articles of agreement for conveying Mr Brown’s equity to the Manor of Helmdon.  Bill of Complaint.

1695    John Brown to George Tyte,  John Gore and William Hartley.  (mill mentioned)

1703 Thomas Lester, John Gore, Thomas Wagstaffe

1703   Indenture beteen Thomas Wagstaffe, Harrington Bagshaw, Elizabeth Boteler and Thomas Lister.  “Mr Wagstaffe and Mr Bagshaw and Mrs Boteler assignment to Mr Lister of Mr Gore’s mortgage to attend the inheritance”.

Notes for use:

The above records were viewed by Kate and Danny Moody and Audrey Forgham  during a visit to Worcester College, Oxford on Wednesday 11th May 2000.  The records are kept in boxes 23 (B) Helmdon and 23 (C) Helmdon.

Many of the documents had a short description written on the outside from which the above details have been taken.  Some of the writing was barely readable whilst other words were not legible at all.  Therefore the interpretations written here should be treated with extreme caution.

Most of the documents were written in old style English so none of the names can be certified correct at this stage.  An analysis of the names appears below. 


Alternate Spellings

Of: -




John Grey






Thomas Dale



Thomas Tyte



Thomas Boddingfield


Hor***, Suffolk

J Vameer



William Holcroft

Sir William Hopcroft

Walthamstowe, Essex

Christopher Rigby


Citizen and Merchant of London




Anthony Louther



Cath Adams



Richard Louther

Lowther Lauther


George Brown



John Rigby



John Louther



John Bagshaw



Elizabeth Brown



William Hartley


Stoney Stratford

John Leadbeater


Inner Temple, London

John Gore



William Clerke



Richard Stevens



George Tyte



Thomas Lester


Whitfield, Northants

Thomas Wagstaffe



Harrington Bagshaw



Elizabeth Boteler



***** Shepherd



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