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Helmdon Branch WEA - Web Site
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The Helmdon web site
The Helmdon web site

"The Helmdon Web site is valuable because it is a source of local history and genealogy and a virtual meeting place where village groups can come together and interact - something that would otherwise be impossible in the modern rural community". Danny Moody, Helmdon Webmaster.

It was at a meeting of the Friends of St Mary Magdalene in 1999 that a notion of a web site for Helmdon was discussed between Terry Glassett and Renhart Gittens of the Parish Council and Audrey Forgham née Harwood, the WEA secretary.

The idea was taken up with enthusiasm, with Renhart setting up the original ISP account and a small lottery grant being obtained by the WEA which paid for a digital camera, scanner and software.

Audrey Forgham, helped in the first instance by Jean Spendlove, set about writing the local history trail.

In May 2000 Danny Moody of the WEA local studies group joined the project as Webmaster and now works closely with Audrey, who edits the site and is particularly concerned with the historical content.

After months of work, and copious amounts of midnight oil our village web site was finally launched. A press release was sent out and every house in the village received a leaflet through their door.

The web site has been a WEA project, supported at all stages by the Parish Council, and is intended to benefit the whole village. Whether you want to discover who the landlord of the Bell was in 1841, or have a look at the entry in the "six transplanted onions" class at last year's Carnival, there's something on the web site for everyone.

There is now a committee to discuss the development and function of the site. These are: Danny Moody, Audrey Forgham, and Kate Moody.

It will always be a work in progress. The message board and events calendar will be updated regularly so there's always something new to look at and there will be new features and items as more people become involved. Anyone can join in, and suggestions for content are always gratefully received.

We received some excellent publicity in the local press. Read what the papers had to say by clicking on the links below.

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