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The Snapshot Project
"An Ordinary Week in an Ordinary Village"
Another Snapshot of Helmdon

In 2011 Helmdon won Northamptonshire Best Village, and with the prize money Helmdon Parish Council ran a project recording the essence of the village in photographs.

Now, ten years on, the parish council is repeating the project, which became known as "Snapshot".

The Snapshot Project

As before, Snapshot 2021 will record "An Ordinary Week in an Ordinary Village" and will hopefully demonstrate that Helmdon, or at least the people of Helmdon, are anything but ordinary. Helmdon is not the prettiest village in Northamptonshire, nor the best-served by local amenities or natural resources, yet its people have kept it a vibrant and wonderful place to live. This photograph project aims to capture the essence of Helmdon and we hope you will be part of it.

What Do We Need To Do?

We would like people to take photographs in the village between 11 November 2021 and 18 November 2021 (Thursday to Thursday). The photograph can be of anything or anyone; whatever makes Helmdon a special place for you. By taking all the photos in that week we will have another snapshot of Helmdon ten years on from the first.

I'm Not A Very Good Photographer - Will That Matter?

No! This project is about photographs, not photography. We are not looking for posed shots or staged scenes, rather we would like ordinary people to take snaps of ordinary things; the everyday things that define life in the village. The shot does not have to be perfect - in fact we are looking to capture authentic life.

What Sort Of Things Shall I Photograph?

Anything you like! It might be the postman delivering your letters, the builder who is working at your house, a horse riding through the village, the bus you're about to take to Banbury, even the bin men collecting your recycling. It could be a photo of your house or garden, or your allotment; in fact anything that links you to Helmdon. And if you would like to photograph a special building such as the Church or Reading Room take your photo at a time when the building is being used by ordinary people.

What Should We Do With Our Photos?

Please send your photos to snapshot@helmdonhistory.com, ideally with your preferred caption (which may be edited) or pop them on a CD or (returnable) memory stick through the letter box at the following addresses:

Danny Moody 30, Church Street
Chris Thorpe The Old Post Office (opposite the Green)
Mike Barnes 75 Wappenham Road

Make sure your photos are of the highest resolution (quality) that you can. Photos should ideally be in JPEG format and should be 2 - 10 Mb filesize.

What Will Happen To The Photos?

All the useable photos will be displayed in a dedicated online album.

A selection of the very best photos will be printed in a photobook with a preface that explains what the project was and where the photos came from with a list of contributors. The photobooks will be made available for sale in the village and a copy will be offered to the Northamptonshire Record Office.

By submitting a photograph you are allowing its free use for the Snapshot 2021 project.

The photos will capture for posterity Helmdon as it is in 2021 so that in years to come, just like project in 2011, it will give us a snapshot of life in the village and show why it is such a special place to live. The photos will capture an ordinary week in what is, to its inhabitants, an extraordinary village.

The Snapshot Project Team (for Helmdon Parish Council)

Danny Moody, Mike Barnes, Chris Thorpe & Audrey Forgham

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