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Helmdon History

Snapshot 2021



                Remember Snapshot 2011?

   This project is being repeated in the week of              11th to 18th November inclusive.

Your Help Needed To Make It Just As Successful!

Your photos will be welcome of anything that is going on in the village between those dates, i.e. of the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, in the pub, at the war memorial, in the road, at the Reading Room, on the farm – just anything that you see which will go to make a picture of what is happening in the village during this period.

Please visit      www.helmdonhistory/snapshot    for all the project details and instructions for how to submit photographs.  

E-mail snapshot@helmdonhistory.com if you need any more information


Thank you from the project team:                         

Danny Moody, Mike Barnes, Chris Thorpe and Audrey Forgham


NB  Helmdon Snapshot  2011 can be seen if you loo at the index   (history projects) and is in book form.  The book can be borrowed from any member of the project  team


home > history resources > snapshot 2021


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