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Helmdon Rectory Bible (Part One)

                               an article by Katharine Ashley

The Revd Pryce Jones and Family

Kath Ashley discovered an old bible during a house clearance at Maidenhead, Berkshire, and very kindly contacted the website.

It has part of a family tree of the Pryce Jones family written on the inside (see transcript underneath) covering the early half of the nineteenth century.

The Revd Pryce Jones was curate of St Mary Magdalene Church during that period, living at Helmdon rectory.

The Revd Pryce Jones.

The Revd Pryce Jones.

Cover of the Helmdon Rectory Bible


Pryce the son of the Revd Pryce Jones curate of Helmdon (son of the Revd Pryce Jones vicar of Abthorpe (son of the Revd John Jones vicar of Llanwonog) and Sarah his wife the daughter of the Revd Samuel Jemson of Weedon - Beck) and Mary-Ann his wife daughter of Edward Edmunds of Astwell was born at Helmdon parsonage on Sunday 14th December 1823, at about 20 minutes past 10 o'clock A.M.  Christened January 2nd.

Sarah Jemson daughter of the above Pryce and Mary-Ann Jones, born at Helmdon parsonage on Monday 13th June 1825, between 6 and 7 A.M. Christened August 21st.

John William Pryce their son born at Helmdon parsonage the 12th of March (sic) February about 6 o'clock A.M. 1827. Christened August 6th.

Wednesday June 19th 1829. About seven o'clock in the Morning at Helmdon parsonage Anna Maria was born. Christened July 6th.

April 18th 1831. About five o'clock a.m. Henry Charles Pryce born ? Christened June 29

1833. Feb 26th Tuesday Morning one o'clock. Samuel Jemson Pryce was born.  Christened March 22 1833.

1834. On Saturday Sept 6th 3 o'clock a.m. Margaret Jemima Jemson was born. Christened 3rd of June.

1836.  July 7th about 9 o'clock p.m. Richard Pryce was born. Christened Sept 15th.
(KA note - he died in 1840 and another baby born in  1840 has the same name).

1838. April 7th Saturday Philip Sydney Pryce about 11 o'clock a.m. Christened same day April 7 1838.
(KA note - he died in 1840 and another baby born in  1843 has the same name).

1840. Wednesday January 8th...

A new page is then started:

Secundus Richard Pryce, born at Helmdon parsonage. 8th January 1840 about 1/2 past 9 a.m baptized 13th April 1840

April 5th 1842 about 2 o'clock P.M. a Still Born Boy

Saturday 24th June 1/2 past 5 a.m. at Helmdon parsonage Secundus Philip Sidney Pryce Jones (sic) was born 1843, baptized 19th August 1843.

At Helmdon parsonage 1845 (sic) on 5th June 1845 (Thursday) about 1/2 past 10 P.M. Amelia Emma Jemson baptized 27th July 1845.

Catherine Pritchard, a Pryce Jones family history researcher on our Family History Exchnge, has contributed notes on the genealogical information in the Bible.

1. Mary Ann EDMUNDS (not Edwards) is a distant ancestor of my husband. She was the daughter of Edward Nathaniel Edmunds and his wife Mary (nee Shepherd). She was baptised 6/7/1802 in Wappenham and married Pryce Jones 30/8/1822 at Helmdon. Edward N. Edmunds was living at ASTWELL HOUSE, in the hamlet of Astwell and Fawcutt in the parish of Wappenham according to his will dated 4/12/1809. He was a fairly well off yeoman farmer.  He died Dec 1812 and there is a stone on the outside south wall of Wappenham church.

2. Rev. John Jones and his wife Anne, father of the first Rev. Pryce Jones, lived in Llanrigg, Montgomeryshire according to  “Northamptonshire and Rutland Clergy” (Rev Henry Isham Longden).

3. You will probably know about the inscriptions in St Mary Magdalene Church.

In the belfry of St Mary Magdalene Church, Helmdon, there is an inscription on the number 3 bell which was cast in 1834 by W and J. Taylor Founders in Oxford. The name of the Rev. Pryce Jones, Curate is inscribed with ' Obey our call. The right the good old way, shun schisms, wiles, nor from it ever stray'.

There is a memorial inscription on the south side of the nave in Helmdon Parish Church which reads:

"Sacred  to the memory of / the Revd. PRYCE JONES / curate of the parish upwards of 36 years / he died December 7th 1855 / aged 68 years / also of Mary Ann relict of the above who died July 12th 1863 / aged 63 years / What I say unto you I say unto all. Watch."

There is a memorial inscription of the initials of the dead babies on the floor of the nave of the church.

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