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David Brookhouse

His memories of life at the pub in the 70s and 80s, and the dance hall and chicken farm.

Judy Cairns
Thoughts about her life during her days in Helmdon which began 50 years ago.
  Malcolm Care
The story of an eight year old boy, evacuated from Kent to Whitfield and then Helmdon during the Second World War.

Julie Crouch

Reminiscences of living in Helmdon and teaching at the school


Audrey Forgham

Memories from someone who has delighted in researching and recording the history of Helmdon for thirty years


Audrey Forgham

A lockdown diary.  The first devastating weeks of the pandemic, written for posterity, from the point of view of an "oldie".


Chris Gartside
The history of the Helmdon Young Husbands Organisation (HYHO), which started up in the mid (nineteen) eighties.

Jerry Gascoigne
A blacksmith in Helmdon in the 1900s whose forge was at Greystones on Church Street.

Rosemary Gulliver

Memories of the old Baptist Chapel which had a presence in the village for so many years.


Andrew Gulliver

Who still has affection for his childhood days at Helmdon School and the Baptist Chapel although he has not lived here since he was 11 years old.


Cec Harrold

Involved in so much, achieving so much, Cec is a real asset to a village community.

Alice Hearne
One of Helmdon's longest-lived residents, Alice remembers two World Wars, her evacuation to Helmdon and her return after retirement to see out her days here.
Tim & Dawn Law
Memories of living in Cross Lane from 1969 to 1989 and starting up one of Helmdon's most far-flung agricultural export businesses!

Sue Lidgley
The social history of the past fifty years against the backdrop of the Young Wives Club, which started in 1970.


Julia McAuliffe

The rise and fall of the Gardening Club, in its time a most enjoyable part of the social life of the village.

Joan McCann
The daughter of the Rector of Helmdon during the Second World War with an enduring love for the village even after emigrating to Australia.

Roger Miles

Walking Helmdon's Footpaths: a contribution from someone who has done so much to bring the countryside within reach of villagers.

  Elizabeth Monck (née Kirwan)
Memories of Helmdon in the 1930s and 40s when it was a hive of activity with several pubs and shops, and no fewer than two train stations!

Niki Phillips

Niki Phillips has drawn on her experiences  of being a Helmdon school governor for twenty one years, enriching her contribution with memories from, amongst others, past pupils and past and present staff.

Denise Powell

Who has opened her photo album to share photos of Cross Lane Celebrations, particularly of the Millennium


Derek Ratledge

Extracts from Derek's autobiography, written for his grandchildren, which highlight his early years in the locality.

John Roberts
The vicar of Helmdon from 1993 to 2005 recalls church life and ministry at St Mary Magdalene, Helmdon.
  Cora Russell
Born in Helmdon in the 1920s, Cora recalls the rich farming heritage of Helmdon, including when Priory Farm was a bustling dairy.
Harold Seckington
A colourful character, Harold was born on 1919 and lived in Helmdon all his life, except during the war years with the British Army.
  Christine Skinner (née Russell)
A childhood growing up in Helmdon in the 1960s and 70s, with discos at the Reading Room and going to the Chapel youth club.

Ann Smith

Within Living Memory... Reminiscences from villagers written in the 1990s.


Ann Smith

More from Ann about her early memories of married life in Helmdon and her farming years


Val Smith

What do you do when you are confronted by a line of waiters and told to forego your dinner and vacate the hotel immediately?


Wiggy Smith

remembering why she and her husband came to Helmdon, and how she now considers it her "sanctuary".

  Jean Spendlove
The life and times of one of Helmdon's most fascinating residents, who has been the Parish Clerk, the churchwarden and lay reader.
Cis Terrey
Born in 1919, Cis lived for 65 years at The Lilacs on Wappenham Road before moving to Church Street with her daughter, Celia.
  Mary Turnham
A true countrywomen, Mary grew up in the farming families of Helmdon and was a Land Girl in the Second World War.

Mary Turnham
Mary remembers Field View and Christmases working for her grandfather, the poultry dealer.

Bob Wallis
Bob and his wife Gay moved to Helmdon from Somerset in 1979 and lived in the village before moving to Shropshire in 2001.

Phillip Ward

Whose lasting contribution to Helmdon will be the Jubilee Wood, conceived and planted under his guidance.

  Jim Watson
There have been Watsons in the village since at least the beginning of the 19th century. This is the story of Helmdon's two great industries: farming and stone quarrying.
  Marjorie Watson
Life at The Grange, Helmdon when it a rambling farmhouse with no electricity and only lanterns outside to see to milk the cows.
  Marjorie Watson
Marjorie and her husband, Ken, recall the houses on Cross Lane, Helmdon in the early 1900s.

Viv Watson

Viv was at Helmdon School in the 1950s, remembering the warm milk at break time, the tapioca pudding with dollops of jam, not to mention the raps on the knuckle for wrong doing.


Margaret Watts

Margaret recalls memories, and draws on lesson notes written by her mother, Lucy Edden, who was a teacher at Helmdon School on the staff of the well remembered Miss Barnes in the 1940s.

  Nancy Wheeler
Helmdon flora as recorded by a local amateur naturalist and homemade wine and spirits connoisseur.
  Noreen White (née Ayres)
A fascinating recollection of several of the village's characters of the 20th century, including local tradesmen, farmers and teachers.

Conrad & Liz Woolley

Thoughts ... mainly musical .... on the handbell ringers from Conrad, and on the village pantomimes from Liz, who also enjoyed the book group.



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