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Fox Hunt By The Fireside 


Harold Wrighton had just returned to his Helmdon home one evening.  He was sitting in the kitchen, when he saw something flash across the floor nearby – he thought it was a young lion.


He gave chase and discovered it was a fox.


Round the furniture, up the stairs, under the bed went the animal.  Finally, he managed to kill it with and iron bar.


Mr Wrighton thinks the fox climbed through the pantry window in search of food and shelter.


Another story about a fox comes from Charles Gibson.  Two years ago, he was driving home ate at night when a fox dashed out into the road and was killed beneath his wheels.


He picked up the animal and took it home – thinking someone might like the skin or the brush.


But no-one wanted either.  So now Reynard lies buried at the bottom of the garden.


Mercury & Herald -  June 4th 1954


home > press cuttings > foxhunt by the fireside
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