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Tank Causes A Real Stir


A man and his tank caused more of a stir than bargained for when they helped the Conservatives at their party conference in Blackpool.


Nick Mead, owner of Helmdon based Tanks A Lot, was asked to bring a tank to the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool and drive it along the promenade.


But his nice day out at the seaside quickly came to an end when he found his tank surrounded by police from Lancashire Constabulary.


He had been invited to Blackpool because the party wanted to highlight the British Army is low on funds and they believe the Labour party is to blame.


Mr Mead thought it sounded like fun and arrived at the seaside resort with a driver at noon on Sunday, September 30.


They pulled up among many Tory supporters and handed out camouflage and broken toy guns highlighting the state of the Army’s equipment.,


Mr Mead said they were suddenly surrounded by a police van, a car and a 4X4 vehicle.


“There were police all over the place and people started gathering.”


Officers check the tank’s gun, the tax disc and tacker graph to see how long they had been driving, before asking them to leave.


Mr Mead said:”I think the fact it was green and looks a bit menacing, is what kicked it off.  If we had rung up and asked they would have been okay with it.”


He added:  “It was a bit disappointing.  But the Conservatives were pleased.”


A Lancashire Constabulary spokesperson said; “We were made aware of a decommissioned military vehicle being positioned on Talbot Square at around 12.40 pm on Sunday, September 30.  Because of the disruption being caused by the presence of the tank, police officers were deployed and asked the organisers to move on, which they did.”


Another of Mr Mead’s vehicles caused a stir in Brackley earlier this year when a couple arrived for their wedding reception in a white stretch tank.


The Brackley Post - October 5th, 2007


home > press cuttings > tank causes a real stir
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