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  'Shattered' By News Of

      Wind Farm Plans

                                 by Gavin Moore 

 A life-long resident of the Helmdon area has spoken of her dismay after finding out she could end up living in the middle of two wind farms.
Last week the Advertiser reported on proposals by two wind energy firms - Broadview Energy and Enertrag UK - who hope to build around 15 turbines within the triangle created by the villages of Helmdon, Sulgrave and Greatworth.
Sue Wallace of Peters Farm near Helmdon is on daily medication to treat epilepsy and is largely confined to her home.
She fears that if the proposals are successful it could exacerbate her health problems.
Mrs Wallace said: ’I have been shattered by the news that there are proposals for wind farms both to the north and the south of my home and I will be able to see all 15 proposed turbines, some will be very close.’
Mrs Wallace said a side effect of her medical condition was problems sleeping and added: ‘In literature handed out by Broadview Uk it states the noise of these turbines is on par with the rural background noise at night time and gives examples of passing aircraft, tractors and other agricultural activity, stormy weather, wind in the trees, even barking dogs.
‘All these keep me awake at night’.
Currently three per cent of the UK’s electricity is provided by renewable sources and the Government want that figure to rise to 20 per cent by 2020 with a 60 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.
A spokesman for Broadview Energy said: ‘As part of our asessment for the proposed Spring Farm Ridge site, we consider a range of environmental heal th and safety issues in accordance with the guidelines agreed by Government and wind farm developers.
‘These investigations, such as noise levels, will be undertaken by independent experts and the results will be shared with South Northamptonshire Council and the communities that live in the vicinity of the Spring Ridge Farm site.
‘We are conscious that some people have concerns about wind farms but we hope that our site specific studies, in tandem with the numerous studies that have been carried out in this country and overseas over recent years into the effects of wind farms, will provide the necessary assurance to those people.’

Brackley and Towcester Advertiser12th March 2010


home > press cuttings > 'shattered' by news of wind farm plans

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