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Are on-shore wind farms the solution to global warming?

    Balloon Shows Height

             Of Turbines     

                                 by Gavin Moore 

Villagers near Brackley demonstrated the visual impact of a proposed wind farm when they floated a blimp above Helmdon last weekend.

Anyone driving along the B4525 to the north of Brackley on Sunday would have seen the bright orange balloon floating 125m above Grange Farm illustrating how high the tips of one of the turbine blades would be.

The demonstration was organised by the Helmdon, Stuchbury and Greatworth Wind Action which believes on-shore wind energy will not make a significant impact on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

They believe they are paying the price for Government subsidies which encourage wind farm proposals.

The campaign group held a public meeting this week to dicuss the plan put forward by Broadview Energy for up to six turbines on Spring Ridge Farm.

Keith Jones, chairman of HSGWAG said: “ Our public meeting on Monday went very well. The Reading Room was full to cpacity.

“There was a very lively debate and an overwelming vote to resist the proposals from Broadview.”

Ollie Buck from Broadview said “Wind turhines generate clean, renewable electricity in a cost effective manner, without the need for imported fuels.

“Wind energy reduces carbon emissions by displacing fossil fuel generation.”

He added: “The UK is widely recognised as having one of the largest wind resources in Europe and as such has the potential to utilise this to harness clean, green electricity.

“A typical modern wind turbine has the potential capacity to power the annual requirements of around 1,400 households.”

During 2009 wind energy production grew by 31 per cent globally and in the UK energy grew by a quarter between 2009 and 2010.

For more details on the campaign group and their view on wind energy log on to www.hsgwag.co.uk.

Brackley & Towcester Advertiser 16 April 2010


home > press cuttings > balloon shows height of turbines

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