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Worries that precedent could be set by green light in village

Is Fritwell Wind Farm Just The First Of Many?

By Richard Woodall

A Fritwell farmer has been left devastated after plans for four wind turbines in the village were given the go-ahead.

Andy Hunter, 45, has also warned that the move sets a precedent for other applications in  Banburyshire.

There are also currently initial plans to build nine 125-metre high wind turbines between Sulgrave and Weston and five turbines between Helmdon and Greatworth.

British Waterways is also considering placing wind turbines close to the Boddington reservoir.

On Tuesday an action group fighting plans for the Helmdon turbines flew a blimp to demonstrate the visual effect on the landscape of the turbines.

The four 125- metre high turbines in Fritwell were given the go-ahead this month following a planning inquiry in March.

Cherwell District Council had initially refused to approve the plans saying it would spoil the view and that the roads would not be able to cope with heavy losses in and out of the site.

Farmer and father-of-three Mr Hunter owns 50 acres of land close to where the Fritwell turbines will be and said the nearest turbine would be just 450 metres from his property.

He also lets out 20 rural industrial units to businesses on his land.

Mr Hunter said  both he and other farmers felt massively disappointed with the effect the wind farms would have on them and their properties.

‘This situation has hit me in both knee-caps.  I feel like my home has been burnt down.’,   he said. 

We lost this appeal and are now going to be very close to some of the biggest turbines in the country. 'We can’t believe what’s happened.  The sheer scale and impact of the blades beggars'  belief.

Not only is there the noise but we will have to deal with the shadow flicker of the turbines every morning.’

Mr Hunter also said there would be massive implications for the rural area of Banburyshire and for other communities where energy companies were considering turbine applications.

‘The countryside we know it is going to change massively in the next six to 12 months’, said Mr Hunter.

This is the first case of the big boys – I believe that now this farm has got planning permission we will see a lot more wind turbines get approval.  I just feel so angry at the planning inspector’s decision.’

He added:  ‘These kind of size of turbines are designed to be in the sea – not on land.’

Banbury Guardian  -15 July 2010




home > press cuttings > is fritwell wind farm just the first of many?

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