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We should like to take this opportunity of thanking all members for their support, and may you have good luck in the future.

Helmdon 200 Club began life in 2010. Two of Helmdon’s most important buildings, St Mary Magdalene Parish Church and the Reading Room are in constant need of funds for care and repair.  Separately the two buildings’ management committees had had the idea of organising a monthly lottery so the suggestion was made that a combined lottery be formed with the proceeds divided equally between the two buildings.

A joint organising committee was formed in early summer 2010 and tickets began being sold.  The idea is to sell 200 tickets for £200 each making a total income of £5,000.  A monthly draw will be held and annual prize money of £2,275 will be paid out (see rules) or £1,362.50 per building.

The normal monthly draw has prizes of £100, £40, £25, £15 and £10 and there is also an annual bonus draw in September for those who have not won any prize in the last four consecutive years of membership.

To support this important work and to apply for membership of the 200 Club please download and print out the membership application form and take it to any member of the 200 Club committee.

The Banbury Guardian – 27 October 2016







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