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New   Classroom Opens  At     Helmdon

By Fran Bardsley


Pupils at a primary school near Brackley have this week moved into a new £125,000 classroom.


After nearly five months of work, the new year three and four classroom for Helmdon primary School was finally finished last week.


Headteacher Sue Blackburn said the new classroom, which has been jointly funded from Government capital funding and Northamptonshire County Council, would allow much more community use of the school.


She said: “The key reason was to create space for community use. What we are doing is issuing questionnaires to parents and inviting members of the community to view the facilities to see what opportunities and possibilities there are for the community to make greater use of the school.


“We also want to see what the need is in the village and what facilities we would be able to use to meet those needs.”


As well as allowing greater community use, Ms Blackburn said the classroom would offer enhanced learning facilities for youngsters at the school.


There are “datapoints” set in the floor, meaning computers can be linked up to pupils’ desks, rather than children having to move into an ICT suite for computer-based classes.


A new interactive whiteboard has been installed – along with a double oven.


Ms Blackburn said:  “This is a 21st century classroom built for 21st century learning.  It is also much bigger than the one which was previously used.


“We have not had a cooker in the school since the kitchens were taken out so this means we will be able to use it for teaching cooking, after-school events, preparing occasional meals for the children, ad also for the wider community.”


Ms Blackburn said: “We are open to suggestions and if people in the surrounding area are interested in  running activities on school premises, then please get in touch.“  To contact the school, ring (01295) 768126.

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home > press cuttings > new classroom opens at helmdon
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