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Inspectors Say It’s Top of the Class

A primary school which lies in the heart of a Northamptonshire village has been sent to the top of the class by a team of Government inspectors.

Helmdon County Primary, its 57 pupils and three full-time staff were showered in gold stars for friendliness, teaching and learning standards, and for close links with parents, in a report just out.

“We are all very excited”, said Mrs. E V Nicholas, head teacher.  “We’re delighted for the village and for the children.”

In the eight years since she has been head teacher a lot of new people have come to the village, making for a lively mixture.  This mixture was one of the keys to the school’s success, she said.

Many of the parents are involved in Friends of the School Association, which has raised money through paper drives and a Spring Fair, for material for netball skirts, day to day running of a photocopier, and a TV licence.

Ages of the children range from four to 11, and classes vary in size and make08iup.  One of the biggest challenges for teaching is handling a class which may have second, third and fourth year pupils.

“Because we’ve got such a large range we’ve got to teach the children more as individuals”, Mrs. Nicholas said.

Helmdon is part of Rural Schools project, which links a group of primaries in the area, and allows them to share the cost of expensive equipment.

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